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VATSIM Kuwait!

We are the VATSIM Network facility (known as a vACC) serving Kuwait. We provide training to our controllers, so that you receive world-class service.

Who you're talking to

ATC Positions

There are 5 civilian ATC stations in Kuwait (DEL is not shown here) — nice and simple.
For a map showing who's online globally, visit simaware.ca



  • Not online
  • 121.7 MHz
  • On the ground



  • Online now!
  • 118.3 MHz
  • Runways and circuits



  • Not online
  • 121.3 MHz
  • Not above FL150



  • Online now!
  • 125.3 MHz
  • Area control centre
Something for everyone!

Our Events

We regularly hold events for your enjoyment, whether it's our weekly staff up, or the coveted Cross the Land, get ready — you're going to love it.

19 FEB
I Can't Ku-Wait

Every two weeks we bring you I Can't Ku-Wait where we fully-staff #OKBK — you can fly in, out, or over!

27 FEB
Istanbul-Kuwait Cityhopper

Attention... You're invited our newest event, Istanbul-Kuwait Cityhopper! Starting 13z on 27-Feb-2021.

07 MAR
Emiri Express

Our Gulf boasts one of the busiest air corridors in the world — however, most of the traffic goes far beyond the Gulf. This time, we're inviting you to traverse the Gulf from mouth to apex and no further — we present to you Emiri Express.